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PTA Executive Committee Members 2019-2020

The Parent- Teacher Association has been very active in the college since the beginning. It concentrates at the promotion of the all – round development of students. Through donations and various programmes, PTA raises funds from its members and spends them for the benefit of the students. It has started several attractive cash awards and scholarships to the students who excel in academic and non academic activities. The PTA also spends a considerable amount of money as incentive to the needy.

PresidentDr. T.C. Thankachan
Vice PresidentMr. Soyi ThomasParent / Guardian
SecretaryMr. Sunil ThomasTeacher Regular
Joint SecretaryMr. Chacko VargheseParent / Guardian
TreasurerDr.Sr. Mary ThomasTeacher Regular
Executive Committee

Not more than 4 parent, minimum one women

1Mr. Babu Joseph
2Mr. Thomas V.J
3Mrs. Jayamol Joseph
4Mrs. Philo Xavier

Not more than 4 teachers, one woman

1Dr. Sr. Beenamma Mathew
2Dr. T.C Thankachan
3Dr. P.P Shajimon
4Dr. Bindu David


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