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Computers with Internet

Classes on computer fundamentals, usage of internet etc. is given to the students. The students can utilize the computers, free internet and other related facilities . The college library has a good collection of educational CDs which is accessible to all students.


Various laboratories have been established to help the students in their academic pursuits. The different laboratories in the institution include a Language laboratory, Psychology laboratory, Technology and modern media Laboratory, Science Laboratory and Computer Laboratory.

Guidance and Counselling Centre

The students can freely approach this centre for Guidance or Counselling regarding various aspect of their life.

Grievance Redressal Cell

Any complaint/Grievance regarding the student, institution, etc. can be made to this cell directly or can be put into the grievance box kept at an easily accessible place. The complaints will be dealt with immediately and necessary measures would be taken at the earliest, by the committee handling this cell.

Facilities for Xerox Copying

Facilities of Xerox copying machine is provided in the library for the student. The facilities can be availed at nominal rates.

Hostel Facility

There are two approved hostels for the college; ‘Training College Hostel’, for men and ‘Carmel Hostel’ for women.

Prayer Hall

Prayer hall for students of all religions is provided.

Basic Facilities : Canteen, Store, Rest room
Career Guidance & Placement Services
UGC, NET, SET, CTET-Coaching Classes and Remedial Teaching Programme
Women’s Counselling Centre
Ethics Committee

An Ethics committee is functioning in the college as per Govt. order to ban the use of mobile phones, obscene cinematic dances and fashion shows in educational institutions. It looks after various issues regarding code of conduct of students.


A college nodal centre of All India Survey on higher education of ministry of Human Resource Development, functions in this college to provide data to the data base of M.G University and higher education in the country.


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