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MOOC Course on Organic Farming

Mahatma Gandhi University organises MOOC course on Organic Farming for all Students undergoing UG Programmes in affiliated colleges from 2020 admission onwards. The course is structured following the regulations of the UGC for Online courses. The Course has 14 Modules including 2 Projects. The 4 credits of this course will be given in addition to the existing total credits of the UG Programmes.
SWAYAM is a digital platform which gives open access to information, education and learning to anyone, anytime anywhere. It is a portal of interactive online courses made available free over internet under the initiative of the Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD) Govt of India. As per the UGC order, the College provides facilities for ‘SWAYAM’ courses and one member of the faculty has been nominated as SWAYAM mentor.


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