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Ph.D Programme

The college is a Research Centre in Education under Mahatma Gandhi University, Kottayam. Research forms the fundamental pillar of the academic realm. Being a unique Teacher Education Institution, our college endeavours to foster a research-oriented environment among both its faculty and students. In 2022, the college attained recognition as a research centre in Education by Mahatma Gandhi University. In this research centre 3 members of our faculty, namely Dr. Lavina Dominic, Dr. Sunu Austin, and Dr. Alex George, serve as research supervisors. In addition to that, Prof. Dr. T.C. Thankachan serves as a research supervisor at the School of Pedagogical Sciences, MG University, Kottayam.

Fee Structure

Refer Mahatma Gandhi University, Kottayam online fee portal (Ph.D. fees) https://epay.mgu.ac.in/Candfee/feeoptions/33

Joining in the Research Centre

All research scholars, irrespective of full-time or part-time or Any Time (Fellowship holders of JRF/MANF/RGNF/KSCSTE etc.) Registration categories shall report to the research centre immediately after obtaining the registration order.

Course Work

Research scholars (irrespective of full-time, part-time or Any Time Registration) have to report to their respective research centres immediately and shall attend the Course Work Programme in the research centre which commences, as per the notification given by the University from time to time.

Half Yearly Progress Reports

  1. The research scholars shall make 30 minutes to 1 hour presentation of his / her progress of research work, once in every six months, before the Research Advisory Committee or the Doctoral Committee, as the case may be.
  2. Half Yearly Progress Reports shall be forwarded along with details of monthly attendance signed by the supervising teacher and the head of the institution.
  3. The names of research scholars who fail to submit Progress Reports for two semesters shall be removed from the rolls.
  4. The Half Yearly Progress Report shall be signed by the Supervising Teacher, the Head of the research centre External Expert and the Subject Expert from the Approved Research Centres.

Attendance Register

The Director of School/ Head of the Department/ Research Co-ordinator of the centre shall keep an Attendance Register for all the research scholars. The Attendance Register for scholars doing research in part time mode shall be strictly maintained during the period of the Course Work. Course Work Attendance Certificate shall be submitted along with the application for confirmation.

Syllabus of Course Work

  1. The syllabi of Course I , Course II and Course IV are available on the website of the university
  2. The syllabus of Course III is to be prepared by the Supervising Teacher concerned.
  3. The syllabus of Course III prepared shall specify the area of research, consisting of five modules and a minimum of 72 teaching hours, and the Scheme / Model question paper, duly signed by the Supervising teacher, also shall be submitted along with the syllabus.
  4. Details of the required reference books should be included in the syllabus.
  5. The supervising teacher should sign on all pages of the syllabus affixing his/her designation seal.
  6. The Heads of Research Centres shall forward the discipline-wise syllabi of Course III for approval.



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