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Anti-Ragging Committee

The aim of Anti-Ragging Committee is to eliminate ragging in all its forms from the educational institution. This will be achieved by preventing its occurrence and punishing those who indulge in ragging and to check cases of ragging.

  • Dr. T.C. Thankachan (Principal & Chairman)
  • Dr. Sr. Beenamma Mathew (Vice Principal)
  • Dr. T.M. Mollykutty
  • Mr. M.J. Thomas
  • Mr. Sunil Thomas Co-ordinator)
  • Dr. Lavina Dominic
  • Dr. Pratheesh Abraham (Staff Advisor to the College Union)
  • Dr. Alex George
  • Dr. Manju Joseph
  • PTA Vice President
  • Alumni President
  • Municipal Councilor
  • College Union Chairperson
  • Warden (Men’s Hostel)
  • Warden (Ladies Hostel)


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