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College Education Policy

The College Education policy concentrates on creating the best minds in the education field while affirming the harmony of the individual with the objectives of the patron, Diocese of Palai. The policy upholds the Catholic ideal of the institute in making well-rounded citizens with their responsibilities to the community and society at large.

Research Policy

The college is dedicated to instigating and augmenting the research initiatives of its teachers, students, and research scholars. The research Policy as a framework enhances the smooth functioning of a research culture in our college. Divided into three sections, the policy presents a florid blueprint for supporting the research aptitude of our college. The first section puts forward the philosophical frame, the second section the thrust areas for research work, and the final section discusses the effectuation of the research.

Maintenance and Utilisation Policy

The college has envisaged a policy for maintaining and optimising the infrastructural facilities available. The policy recognizes the need for a conducive space for the development of the maximum potential of students and staff. The thrust areas are physical structures, academic, and health-related facilities.

Financial Support Policy

The objective of the policy is to incentivize the faculty for their continuous professional growth by financially assisting their participation in workshops, conferences, and seminars. The policy finds its root in recognizing the significance of staying relevant and au courant with the advancements in pedagogy and subject matter. By virtue of this policy, the institute also ensures the best human resources are available for its students.

Waste Management Policy

The college is stringent about making a considerable contribution towards environment preservation and sustainability and our Waste Management Policy stands as our guidance document for guaranteeing this objective. The policy guides students, teachers, and staff to act responsibly in matters of generation of waste, segregation, handling and disposal. The focus is primarily on managing solid, liquid, and E-waste produced in the college premises.

Energy Policy

The Energy Policy of the college aims at monitoring, managing, and conserving the energy needs of the campus through the carefully thought-out actions of energy usage. The policy encourages the stakeholders to maximize the use of the available resources and to introduce facilities which meet less energy requirements. The policy upskills the participants to be responsible eco-citizens in their places of action.

Plastic Ban Policy

The college has taken the strong initiative to make the college premises free of any plastic products. The policy aims to instill a sense of responsibility in staff, and students in making their surroundings greener. The policy points out effective measures for replacing plastic products with greener alternatives. It further hopes to promulgate the ‘No Plastic’ agenda to the stakeholders’ families, future workspaces and the community.


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