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Prayer Room

The College has a prayer room. It provides a space for prayer and reflection for students and members of the staff of the college.


The College provides light refreshments for stu- dents during the intervals.

College Store

The College provides books, pencils, and other miscellaneous articles to students.

Waiting Room

There are two waiting rooms for female students, one each on each floor separate

First Aid Room

The College has a first aid room with the basic necessities which students can make use of when they are sick.

Fitness Centre and GYM

Health is wealth. The college gives due priority to the health of its students and staff. The college has separate gyms for men and women students and staff of the college.

Multipurpose Hall

The College has a multipurpose hall. As the name suggests it is used for various purposes, both scholastic and non- scholastic.


The College has a well equipped and maintained kitchen facility which is effectively used during the con- duct of community living camps at college and other occasions.


ST. Thomas College

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Pala, Kerala.
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