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Research Projects

Research Projects Undertaken

UGC major and minor research projects involve in-depth research on various topics across disciplines and represent significant accomplishments for college faculty. Our faculty members have successfully undertaken and completed both major and minor research projects funded by the UGC.

  1. Prof. (Dr.) T.C. Thankachan (2009 – 2011) – Major project – Developing Peace Values and Peace Skills through Peace Value Model among Teacher Educators and Secondary Level Teacher Trainees – An Experimental Study
  2. Prof. (Dr.) T.C. Thankachan (2007 – 2009) – Major project – Valuing Process of Teachers and Pupils of Secondary Schools of Kottayam District-An Experimental Study
  3. Prof. (Dr.) T.C. Thankachan (2012 – 2014) – Minor project – Developing Emotional Competencies among adolescents through Experiential Learning- An experimental Study
  4. Prof. (Dr.) Sr. Beenamma Mathew (2012 – 2014) – Minor project – Effectiveness of Conceptual Change Models of Learning on Misconceptions in Mathematics among Secondary School students with different Learning Styles
  5. Dr.Sr. Mary Thomas (2011-2012) – Minor project – Effect of Cognitive Acceleration Approach on Thinking Skills and Achievement in Chemistry among Students of Standard VII
  6. Dr.Sr. Shalby P Jose (2011-2012) – Minor project – Effect of Cognitive Apprenticeship Model on Achievement and select Social skills among the commerce Students of Higher Secondary Schools in Kerala state
  7. Dr. Sr. Celene Joseph (2007 – 2009) – Minor project – Effect of constructivist approach in learning physics on select enquiry skills, attitude towards scientific inquiry and achievement in under graduate physics teaching
  8. Dr.Sunu Austin (2013- 2015) – Minor project – Effectiveness of Reflective Teaching Method in Developing Peace Values among the pupils of Standard Seven
  9. Dr.Gilu G. Ettaniyil (2013 – 2015) – Minor project – Study of Information Literacy Skills and Academic Achievement of Secondary Level Teacher Trainees in Kottayam District
  10. Dr.Pratheesh Abraham (2014 – 2016 ) – Minor project – Effect of Reflective Language Acquisition Model on the Speaking Skills in English among Secondary School Students of Kerala
  11. Dr. Shajimon P.P. (2014 – 2016) – Minor project – Influence of Constructivist Approach on Social Sensitivity Non-Violence and Constitutional Values Among Secondary School Students



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