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Clubs & Activities

As a College of Teacher Education, the institution, takes the responsibility of moulding the minds of its students. Scholastic and co-scholastic programmes are conducted under the auspices of various clubs. Before the commencement of each academic year the staff members in their joint meeting chalk out the plan of action. Each club prepares a plan of action at the beginning of the academic year. A teacher in charge is nominated for the efficient functioning of each club. The important clubs functioning in the college are:

General Clubs

ENIGMA – The Quiz Club

Enigma means an obscure riddle / puzzle. This is the name of the Quiz club functioning in the college. The club meets once a week and organises quiz competitions on various topics. The club organises Prof. Chandy Zacharias Endowment All Kerala Quiz competition every year. The club sends the participants for Inter Collegiate Quiz competitions held in various colleges.

Teacher in charge : Dr. Lavina Dominic

CHIMES – The Music Club

Chimes, the musical sound produced by bells, is the music club. The club members meet on a weekly basis. It organises musical evenings, musical quiz programmes, Antakshari competitions, etc. They take the leadership in organising cultural programmes and other entertainments in the college.

Teacher in charge: Dr.Sr. Mary Thomas

CICERO’S CORNER – The Oratory Club

Honouring the great Roman orator Cicero, the oratory club gives training to blooming orators. The club members meet every week and organise elocution competitions, just a minute programmes, debates, panel discussions, etc. They are selected to participate in various speech competitions, debates, etc. organised by various colleges.

Teacher in charge : Dr. T.C.Thankachan

FINE FETTLE – The Health Club

The Health club organises Yoga classes, meditation, medical checkups, poster exhibitions and also seminars and classes on various health related topics. Awareness programmes on first aid, contagious diseases, sanitary problems etc are organised under the auspices of this club.

Teacher in charge : Dr. Sunil Thomas

GREEN DREAMZ – The Nature Club

The club members meet every week. The club organises seminars, exhibitions, poster exhibitions, etc. They also organize environmental sanitation programmes, nature trails, vermicomposting and various eco-friendly activities.

Teacher in charge : Dr. Bindu David

ACE JAUNTS – The Tourism Club

As the name ACE JAUNTS indicates, the tourism club organises short journeys to promote interest in tourism among students. It conducts ecotour programmes, quiz on tourism and tourist spots, debates, discussions, etc.

Teacher in charge: Dr. Alex George

Red Ribbon Club

The Red Ribbon Club is a voluntary on-campus intervention programme for students. The programme addresses the knowledge, attitude and behaviour of the youth in the interrelated areas of voluntary Blood Donation, AIDS and sexuality, as demanded by their age, environment and life style. A blood forum also functions in collaboration with the Red Ribbon Club. The Blood Forum organizes blood donation camps, Health awareness Programmes, etc.

Teacher in charge : Dr. Sunil Thomas

Electoral Literacy Club

As per the order of the Deputy Director, Collegiate Education the College has instituted the Electoral Literacy Club. The objective of the club is to inculcate Electoral Literacy among the students. The club envisages to engage students in hands on experience in Electoral Literacy. The College has nominated a member of the faculty as the nodal officer and mentor of the club.

Teacher in charge : Dr. Sunu Austin

De-Addiction Club

As per the order of the Deputy Director, Collegiate Educa- tion, the college has instituted a de-addiction club. The club aims at creating awareness among students about the ill-effects of drug addiction. The college has nominated a member of the faculty as teacher in charge of the club.

Teacher in charge : Dr. Alex George

Green Protocol Samithi

Suchitwa Mission is the Technical Support Group(TSG) in the waste management sector under the Local Self Government Department, Government of Kerala. As per the order of ‘Suchitwa Mission’ Local Self Government Department, Kerala, the college has instituted the Green Protocol Samithi. It functions under the auspices of the ‘Nature Club’.

Teacher in charge : Dr. Bindu David

ÉLAN – The Women’s Cell

Élan means enthusiasm, vigour, style, flair and confidence and these are precisely the qualities we try to instil in the stu- dents who join the Women’s cell. This forum is open to all stu- dents irrespective of gender. It organises discussions, seminars, self-awareness programmes, classes in cooking, painting, flower arrangement, etc. focussing on the issues and needs of the present generation. Dr. Sr. P.T. Mary Endowment – Miss Personality Contest – Miss Élan is organised under the auspices of the women’s cell.

Teacher in charge : Dr. Sunu Austin

Reading Club

Reading clubs are a great way to engage students with read- ing and help build a reading culture among the new digital era students. A Reading Club functions in the College under the guidance of the College Librarian. The club organizes various programmes to instil love for reading among its students and faculty.

Staff in Charge : Dr. Gilu G. Ettanniyil

Optional Clubs

CORNUCOPIA – The Science Club

Science and all its branches provide an overflowing abun- dance of wealth and information and hence the science club is named Cornucopia. The Science club members organize Science Exhibitions, Poster Exhibitions, Interschool Science Quiz Competitions, etc. to inculcate scientific temper among students

Teachers in charge : Dr. Sr. Mary Thomas & Dr. Bindu David

CHILIAD HOUSE – The Social Science Club

The Social Science club is named ‘Chiliad house’. Like a ‘chiliad’ it includes a thousand elements and the club organises lots of programmes for creating social awareness through debates, discussions, talks by eminent personalities, exhibitions etc. The club also observes days of National and International importance. The club organises an Inter School Social Science Quiz competition every year.

Teachers in charge : Dr. Sunu Austin

PURPLE PATCH – The English Club

Purple Patch’ literally means an extravagant, florid or ornate passage of literary writing and it is the name of our English club. The club maintains a news board and organises Literary Quiz Programmes for students of other subjects. El-Lit Quest – is an All Kerala Intercollegiate Quest on English language and literature organized by the purple patch and actively participated by colleges all over the State.

Teachers in charge : Dr. Lavina Dominic & Dr. Pratheesh Abraham

BODMAS – The Mathematics Club

‘BODMAS’ represents the sequential order of all mathemati- cal operations. The club organises quizzes, workshops, preparation, production and exhibition of learning materials, etc.

Teacher in charge : Dr. Sr. Beenamma Mathew

FAYOL’S CLUB – The Commerce Club

The Commerce Club has chosen the name Fayol’s Club to honour Henry Fayol, the Father of Modern Management. The club organises programmes like discussions, debates, workshops, essay writing competitions, visits to business institutions, etc.

Teacher in charge : Mr. Joffy J. Njavallil


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