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Green Protocol

Green Protocol Samiti

Green protocol Samiti of St. Thomas College is essentially a programme which implemented results in significant reduction of waste with primary focus on prevention of use of disposables and using reusable alternatives like glass/stainless/porcelain cutleries. When Green Protocol is implemented, non biodegradable waste generation becomes close to zero. It is where environmental friendly practices and education combine to promote sustainable and eco-friendly practices in the campus.

The college follows the Green Protocol measures such as avoiding the use of all types of disposables (including plastic, paper) in daily life, always using cups and containers that can be washed and reused, always avoiding the use of plastic materials thereby following the government rules in this regard, segregating bio and non-bio degradable waste materials, composting bio degradable at source using simple and appropriate composting devices, keeping the non-bio degradable clean and dry and storing them separately based on the various types, avoiding the ‘use and throw’ carry bags, always using bags made of eco-friendly materials, using cloth banners instead of flex, using eco-friendly materials like leaves and flowers for decoration and while making bouquets for felicitating guests etc.

The college also takes initiatives to create a beautiful garden as well as clean campus and premises occasionally. On October 2nd 2018, the students and staff of the college cleaned Pala Municipality under the leadership of Manager Mar. Jacob Muricken. Due to Covid 19 pandemic, the students cleaned their home and premises on October 2nd 2020.The college distributed vegetable seeds and saplings to the students to plant them at their houses during this period.

Living in a fast-paced world in which we are often in a rush, striving to be eco-friendly does not require any extra efforts. By following these small and smart changes, we can protect the environment. By striving to make small but efficient changes in our routine, we can lower our environmental impact, lower our bills, and incorporate more eco-friendly practices in our life. Earth is our home, so it’s important to protect it, respect it, and celebrate it with our everyday actions and thoughts.

Suchitwa Mission is the Technical Support Group (TSG) in the waste management sector under the Local Self Government Department, Government of Kerala. As per the order of ‘Suchitwa Mission’ Local Self Government Department, Kerala, the college has instituted the Green Protocol Samithi. It functions under the auspices of the ‘Nature Club’.

  • Teacher in Charge: Dr. Bindu David
  • President: Krishnedhu T.K
  • Secretary: Joshna John


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