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College Trust & Governing Body

The College Trust

St. Thomas College of Teacher Education Pala Educational Trust wass came into existence on 09.03.2020. Mar Joseph Kallarangatt, Bishop of Palai is the ex- officio Patron of the Trust. The registered office of the Trust shall be at St. Thomas College of Teacher Education building, Pala, Kottayam Dt., Kerala (Pala Muncipality, Ward XX Building No. 2108). Mar Jacob Muricken, Auxiliary Bishop of Diocese of Palai is the Manager and Settler of the trust. Principal, Vice-Principal, Chancellor of the Diocese and Hostel warden are the trust members.

That the objects for which this Trust is established are:

  1. To assist the Manager of St Thomas College of Teacher Education, Pala for the smooth functioning of St Thomas College of Teacher Education, Pala and allied institutions and ventures.
  2. To construct, maintain, modernize, renovate and even demolish building in possession of the Trust as per requirement.
  3. To set up and maintain educational training centres for coaching, guidance and vocational training in various fields for the general use of the public.
  4. To grant individual scholarships for poor and needy students for elementary and higher education.
  5. To give any kind of assistance by way of distribution of books, notebooks, cloths, uniforms or meals for poor students.
  6. To extend all possible help to persons with mental, physical and spiritual disabilities and for their medical treatment and spiritual uplift.
  7. To construct, establish and maintain guest houses and faculty houses for personnel, boarding houses and hostels for students as well as orphanages or other establishments for the relief and help to the poor and the destitute.
  8. To buy property or properties such as Land, Building and other Assets movable or immovable or take over such land, building or assets and maintain the same for the purposes and objects of the Trust and to suppress any allied institution or venture either fully or partially as deemed fit to the trust.
  9. To receive funding and donation from teachers, alumni, parents, trusts, institutions, government departments, non-governmental agencies and general public as well as to contribute the income of the trust to other educational and charitable endeavours sharing similar objectives.
  10. To set up research funds and to finance research projects for promoting research in natural, social and statistical sciences as well as in the humanities.
  11. To enlighten, educate and give assistance to those who are in need for getting benefits under various Central or State Government schemes, employment oriented programme or other beneficial schemes.
  12. To apply the Trust estate assets and funds without distinctions of nationality, religion, caste, creed or sex and to apply the trust fund to give assistance to the betterment of facilities in Educational Institutions and to ensure the welfare of teachers and other employees.
  13. To give assistance of any kind to the talented and financially challenged children to sharpen their capabilities in academics and extra-curricular activities.
  14. To conduct training programmes in Sports and Games for talented children and to identify and foster their particular skills.

All the trustees will be collectively known as the Board of Trustees. The board of trustees shall have a minimum of five members and a maximum of nine members. For the time being, the board of Trustees shall consist of five trustees including the founder/settlor trustee.

College Governing Body

  1. Mar Joseph Kallarangatt (Bishop & Patron)
  2. Mar Jacob Muricken (Auxiliary Bishop & Manager)
  3. Very Rev. Dr. Joseph Thadathil (Syncellus)
  4. Very Rev. Fr. Abraham Kollithanathumalayil (Syncellus)
  5. Very Rev. Dr. Joseph Maleparambil (Syncellus)
  6. Dr. T.C. Thankachan (Principal & Secretary)
  7. Dr. Sr. Beenamma Mathew (Vice-Principal)
  8. Rev. Sr. Gertrude (Former Principal)
  9. Prof. Jose P Mattam (Former Principal)
  10. Rev. Dr. Sr. Ancel Maria (Former Faculty)
  11. Mr. M.J. Thomas (Principal, ITE)


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